Diecastgraphy Best of 2019

Hello all! Sudah cukup lama tidak aktif di dunia persilatan. Saatnya melihat Diecastgraphy Best of 2019! Cekidot dan komen ya apa yang kamu pikirin. 10. Hot Wheels Mainline Datsun 510 Momo Review si 510 momo ini ada disini. Cekidot! 9. Duo Hot Wheels Classic Civic EF with custom tire Review duo EF nya disini gan….

Hot Wheels Nissan / Datsun Collection

Hi all, I received a mini studio photo box from Mr. RIVSMD. So, to return the favor, I’m sharing my (my son’s 😉) Hotwheels Nissan/Datsun collections. These cars came from different toys stores in Indonesia. Toys Kingdoms, AEON store, Gramedia, Sogo, Metro, and even Indomaret. They all have been opened and played with by my…

Episode 2: The Next Sultan ngeloose

The next sultan lagi ngelus nih guys. Datsun Bluebird 510. Real riders, man! Gue lagi ngincer datsun2 doi untuk kita photoshoot dulu. Hehe lumayan ga perlu spending tapi dapat up, close, personal and detail dari barang2 langka nan mehong.😅 Cekidot!

Hot Wheels JDM Datsun Bluebird 510

This beauty belongs to a friend. Just love the JDM detail and the classic look of a bluebird 510. The silver streaks make it more appealing and with the classic rubber tire and chrome rims, just a beauty. Get FREE wallpaper for your iphone and ipad HERE.