Hot Wheels Indonesia 2019 Unboxing: Skyline, Audi Quattro, VW Golf Momo, RX7 dan Camaro SS

Hi guys! Another round up of unboxing the 2019 hot wheels collection. Covered them on my wish list here, and now, get to open and fondle them oh so nicely. Haha

Unboxing videos here!

We have 5 cars today. All of them i think are gorgeous and sexy. Some in a classic manner, some more modern. We have also 5 colors today (technically) as black RX7, contrasted of that white Quattro, 2 shades of red (marroon skyline, bright red golf) and kind of dark blue camaro. All of them have nice details but love the RX7 and Audi best. Nice decals. Although, the camaro wont disappoint. The skyline is a bit too plain for me. But some people think the plain works. Last not least, the cool momo decals on the golf!

So, lets just check it out shall we?

RX7 Black – Personal Fave

Closely second fave – Audi Quattro

Camaro SS

Golf Momo

Close the loop with Metallic Red Skyline

Must have Wallpapers😎 You’re welcome!

Which one is your favorite guys? Please like and share! Thank you brothers!

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