Hot Wheels Nissan / Datsun Collection

Hi all, I received a mini studio photo box from Mr. RIVSMD. So, to return the favor, I’m sharing my (my son’s 😉) Hotwheels Nissan/Datsun collections.

These cars came from different toys stores in Indonesia. Toys Kingdoms, AEON store, Gramedia, Sogo, Metro, and even Indomaret. They all have been opened and played with by my son and I, except for the Yellow GTR R32, that was placed out of the reach of my son shortly after it was opened 😛.

So, here they are shoots using mini photo studio box:

’96 Nissan 180SX

Datsun 240Z

Custom Datsun 240Z

Nissan 370Z

Nissan Fairlady Z

Fairlady 2000

Nissan Skyline GT-R (R32)

Diorama with Tomica City

I’m sure there are other Hot wheels Nissan/Datsuns out there that I have not yet come across. Feel free to share your comments, thoughts, or tips on how to hunt for these cars.

That’s all for now. Peace! ✌️

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  1. RivsMD says:

    Ahaha nice bro! That Diorama is sweett!


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