Hot Wheels Pagani Huayra

Pagani Huayra is such a foreign terms until i bought the hot wheels’ casting. So, i decided to take a look at what it is. Apparently it debuted in 2011 and won hypercar of the year in 2012. Tp speed about 383 km/h. Crazy. More details go to its wikipedia page HERE.

Casting wise, this one is the roadster version. I like the curve and the detail. The red line on the side looks contrast to its metallic body. The red seat looks sleek and complement the sweet look. Big rims completed the manly form. I also like the detail from the back. The grille looks pretty although maybe some darker detailing will add contrast to it and makes it better, IMO. The Huayra typography on the back could use better color as it is not readily visible.

All in all, for a mainline (be realistic man😅) it looks beautiful and it adds to a great collection of Hyper Cars alongside of Lambo, Ferrari, and Porsche!

Get FREE wallpaper HERE! Our wallpaper repo is growing so hope you’d find what you like. ☺️

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