Majorette Gift Set: Chrome Cars😎

My first Majorette purchase. One word. Shiny. The paint just shout out “Look at me!” and the cars are not bad either. Lamborghini Aventador in neon blue, Mercedes Benz AMG in shiny silver chrome, Aston Martin in burgundy chrome, Jaguar in neon green and my personal favorite, a cool turquoise Porsche GT. Sweet, man! I think if someone recreate this collection with 1:1 cars, same color, well definitely he’s a crazy dude but super awesome! Head-turner. Send a statement “it’s my life and i’d do whatever i want with my cars!”

Hit me in comments if you are or if you know such a person.

Get your FREE wallpaper HERE! Check out the wallpaper where i stacked all 5 cars. My personal favorite wallpaper. 🔥🔥

Also check out my posts on Hot Wheels’ version of the Lambo Reventon, Tomica’s Merc AMG (i have Siku’s, too), and sweet Hot Wheels’ Porsche GT!

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