Hot Wheels Dixie Challenger Dodge MOPAR Series

Found this MOPAR on a stretch of Indomaret hunting for two days. They seem to run MOPAR and FORD series for IDR 49,900. Since the beginning of the hunt always kept an eye for this beauty. I think it looks gorgeous. Look at the chrome base. The hood with protruding engines. The red base with black stripes gradually pointing to Dodge decal in front. And the slightly raised back of a muscle car. What’s not to love? Even decided to use it as my blog logo. Oh i customed the tires too. Black 10-12 tires for emphasis. Just awesome! Hey show me your MOPARs on comments below!

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Patrick Jackman says:

    Very nice Dixie Challenger with a few more modifications like an oversize engine and side pipes you would have a Rodger Dodger with nice shoes thumbs up it’s a winner


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